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20-Mar-2016 00:11

She wrote: ''i want to date @bellathorne next (sic)''Both Bella and Tana have been romantically linked to Kourtney Kardashain's ex Scott Disick, but the 'My Own Worst Enemy' star has admitted they were never involved ''sexually''.She said: ''I was never with him sexually.''Bella was also thought to be getting close to rapper Blackbear, but has played down the speculation.So the rumor was likely an attempt by someone at Lionsgate to get people talking and interested in the film.Often rumors spread about co stars of film or TV as they are in production and it's very likely the public is merely getting played by studios as it seems Lionsgate was starting to do with the Welling/Meester rumor.So, no, Welling did not have an affair with Meester.The rumor began with Lionsgate and then lost it's legs as soon as the movie collapsed.  My Mom weighs around 115 and she and Leighton look around the same weight.Tom Welling is currently filed for divorce from Jamie White Welling.

Bella retweeted a tweet by Tana which read ''dreams do come true kids (sic)'' alongside a trio of pictures of their passionate kiss.

Sure, she may move on from one guy to another a little faster than others, but that’s not for all of us to judge.

But we will go ahead and look and be a little envious over all her “boyfriends” — because they are HOT!

Tom and Jamie spent most of their time in Vancouver ...

near where "Smallville" was filmed -- but moved to L.

Turns out, Mod Sun is really close friends with Blackbear.

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