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In his extraordinary courtship with Crown Princess Victoria, he has received the modern equivalent of the kiss that turns the frog into a prince - careful grooming by courtiers, language tutors and a public relations agency.Now, eight years later, he has been transformed into a sophisticated, modern young royal."As a couple they are almost too perfect, but he really is squeaky clean.Swedish magazine journalists have tried very hard to find something on him for the past eight years." But if Victoria and Daniel are almost boringly nice, her younger brother and sister have provided material for Sweden's tabloids.The city is making the best of June 19th's marketing opportunity.Love Stockholm 2010 begins today on national day, a two week extravaganza intended to sell the capital as the international city of romantic love.

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The pressure was so great that in 2004 their relationship entered a crisis that nearly ended it. Mr Westling learnt enough etiquette to get by in high society, with the assistance of a committee of courtiers who were dubbed "prince's school".

Crown Princess Victoria first met Mr Westling during a session in his Stockholm gym. She had begun training to fill her empty hours, and to help overcome a serious eating disorder.