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Rape rates, tracked by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program, declined from roughly 37 per 100,000 in 1995, after the first national registry law passed Congress, to about 26 per 100,000 today, a 30 percent drop.Even as the population has grown by roughly 13 percent, the number of child sexual-abuse cases fell from about 88,000 in 1999 (the first year for which the Department of Health and Human Services collected data on a national level) to fewer than 61,000 in 2013.The practice has spread internationally, and the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia have all established registry systems of their own.Life on a registry imposes many burdens on those required to take part.Individuals included on registries must inform police or other public-safety officials of their places of residence and work.

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Wetterling, for her part, wondered if anything could have been done differently.

In short, few new public policies have become so widespread so quickly or attracted such unanimous support from across the political spectrum.

The reason for this is obvious: All parents are horrified by the thought of their children being snatched from them and sexually abused.

Indeed, it appears that no proposed sex-offender registration law has ever failed a free-standing, regular-order floor vote in any state legislature.

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No state that has passed a sex-offender registration law has ever repealed it, and no law has ever been weakened in a substantial way — even when stories emerge of serious consequences for former offenders.

In many places, people on registries cannot patronize sexually oriented businesses, own firearms, and even hand out candy on Halloween.

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