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iv In the area of R&D and human resource development the major recommendations concern (a) setting up of National Excellence Centres comprising three for Research and Development in Phyto‐pharmaceuticals, Nano‐Pharmaceuticals and Bio‐Similars, one for setting up of National facilities for New Drugs Development along with another for End To End Large‐Scale Animal House and setting up of a National Centre for R&D in APIs (b) Schemes for supporting R&D in Industry through assistance for setting up of GLP/GCP/Animal House Lab Schemes (c) Setting up of Pharma Venture Capital Fund to fund innovations in drug discovery including incubator driven translational research (d) Pharma Innovation and Infrastructure Development Initiative for R&D infrastructure development including funding of private sector initiatives in PPP mode.

Emphasis on supporting extra mural research in development of new drugs and dosage forms for mass affliction diseases like JE, Chikungunya, TB (resistant strains), leishmeinasis, malaria, and the recent lifestyle diseases like diabetes and CVD, etc.

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Accordingly, it is proposed to continue schemes for strengthening of the NPPA, for such functions as ‐ (a) Strengthen Monitoring and Enforcement Work, (b) Building Consumer Awareness about pricing and availability and (c) Creation of NPPA Cells in States, etc.

Based on the above SWOT analysis, recommendations have been made in the 12 th Plan Document for – 1) Development and growth of the Industry 2) Strengthening of R&D Capabilities 3) Strengthening of human resource base for Industry 4) Affordability and Access to Quality Drugs The major recommendations concerning support for Industry growth are ‐ (a) Schemes for Upgradation of SMEs to WHO‐GMP, USFDA/EDQM/TGA and other International Standards (b) Support for new generics and bio‐generics through setting up of Formulation Development Centers and Manufacturing Standards Training Centers (c) Regional cluster‐based Industry development through establishment and upgradation of 10 Pharma Growth Area Clusters (d) Industry support to International market access through capacity building and inter‐governmental cooperation.

The Medical Device Industry is also proposed to be supported through the development of a Medical Devices Park in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

While it is a fact that the drugs manufactured in India are considered to be amongst the lowest priced internationally, still, a vast section of Indian population is not in a position to access the needed health care as well as the medicines due to various reasons of access and affordability.

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Accordingly, the recommendations made by the Task Force under Dr.Based on this it is proposed to fill the HR requirements through Schemes such as (a) Expanding the student output at NIPER Mohali (b) Development of 6 New NIPERS already sanctioned in the 11 th Plan and (c) Setting up of 10 New NIPERs etc.