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Obadiah In the introduction to this study series on the Minor Prophets we asked, "When did you last read Obadiah?

" Sometimes we think, What message could we possibly find for today in a book like Obadiah?

Haggai Next to Obadiah, Haggai is the shortest book in the Old Testament, but its brevity does not mean that its message should be ignored.

Haggai clearly shows what happens when we disobey God, and what can happen when we turn back to an attitude of obedience. The Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world," John the Baptist proclaims (John ).

It appears in the prophecies of the Christmas story as told by Matthew (Matt. However, there is a lot more to Micah than just this one verse.

This study will look at Micah's message to Israel about God's judgment, hope, and repentance.

Nahum Judah and its capitol, Jerusalem, were now threatened by Assyria, who had a reputation for terrible cruelty in war. C., Nineveh had been made the capitol city in the Assyrian empire.

While Jonah had pronounced its destruction, the people had repented and the judgment on the city was suspended.

If you have ever thought or asked, "Why does God do this?When we try to go in the opposite direction from God's way, then God may go to extraordinary lengths to get our attention.Micah Micah 5:2 is perhaps one of the few verses we know from the Book of Micah.Maybe it's part of the Minor Prophet training manual.

Zephaniah summarizes the preceding prophets and keeps bringing the message of the Day of the Lord." or, "That is not fair," then you must read the Book of Habakkuk.