Who is chilli dating tyrese

18-Oct-2016 00:00

IF black couples would ONLY "be like white folks" and support only that which promotes their image(s), then we'd have a "world of our own". But, for me, until Tyrese finds a more.."acceptable" female lead for his videos - HE WON'T SEE A DOLLAR OF MY DISCRETIONARY FUNDS..!!!X, Y,"and Z" "If race DID matter to us, if we used it as a "bar-of-entry" to our culture and discretionary dollars, then we'd never have to depend on 'others' for roles in film and/or TV." I totally agree with you sista, but you can blame integration, and multiculturalism for that, i mean we went through all the bullshit and in the end who benefited??? Dr king took some ass whoopin and went to jail so that niggas can move out of the community and go build up white establishments.I mean and chilli is West Indian what more can you expect most Island women love the COLONIZER/WHITE MAN!!!!Forgive me my Jamacian , Trinidadian, Dominican, And even African women yall the worse African women loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the white mannnn!!!!!!!!It amazes me how you come on here and make these emphatic generalizations about your own ppl... Peep the propganda in all these article about how black women should start dating outside of their race if they want to find happiness..I am convinced that you do not know a damn thing and like most other ppl think that somehow your personal punk ass opinion is facts when in reality it is not...And Martin luther king knew what the fuck was going on, he even said we had some difficult days ahead, and he told Harry Belafonte "I've come to believe we're integrating into a burning house." I mean because what's the use of intergrating if you don't have any fucking economic within your community!!!!!! "Recognition of self" is the very first sign of intelligence, and "True Power seeks to replicate itself"!

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So who cares what chilli likes and how unrealistic this video is. In fact it's the opposte Black women tend to not date outside their race and especially not white man..Yes I'm so sick of all this pipe slanging, pop it lock it, Dip it down low, Bring it back up & put it in my face, so disrespectfu to women music!!!

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